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Promise Academy at Quakerdale

Promise Academy at Quakerdale

The Promise Academy at Quakerdale is a 501(C) non-Profit organization that provides Christ-centered residential education for boys and girls, ages 9-18,  from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds. We provide a living and learning community for students craving an alternate learning and growing environment. Our primary focus is helping children adopted from foster care or privately and their families. However, any child who has a need for a different living and educational environment is welcome. We exist to serve students in need of a new place to grow and learn.  Our cottages provide us with an opportunity to expand the education outside of the classroom.  Our blended education model allows for a project-based learning method integrated with an online learning academy. We create whole persons to be formed who leave high school with practical skills to enter higher education or the workforce with the necessary qualifications and experience to be successful.

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The Promise Academy at Quakerdale comes from a long history of educating youth concerning God and life.  The Promise Academy at Quakerdale began in 1851 when an orphanage was created for this very purpose.  We have served students who have experienced great loss in the past.  This remains an area where we want to be helpful to the youth in need.  We also have expanded our educational opportunities to a broader range of ages and greater educational excellence.  Learn more about our farm program, life skills program, and foreign language opportunities to see what is possible!


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